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10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time ! Now solved

Do you also lose your website rank due to low traffic Here are 5 Top Effective Tips For reduce Blog Loading Time. Check now and optimize your blog!

10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time ! Now solved
10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time ! Now solved

Blogger blogs are widely used in today's mordern era.But these blogs take a lot of time to load and it causes a major loss to blogs rank .Many users are facing a great decline in their blogs rank. We study this matter carefully and decided to post an article h10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time ! Now solved .Many of bloggers users are migrating to wordpress due to lack to blogger facilities .
It is a great factor in deciding your blog rank globally  Do you also  lose your website  rank  due to low traffic  Here are Some  Top Effective Tips used by webmasters For in  Blog Loading Time. Check now and optimize your blog! So,Firstly check your page Performance by visiting

So, we can optimize image size by use following:

  1.   tinypng  
  2. Compresspng
Search engines will include those great  sites in their due to greater loading time.So, its good to maintain tour site seo friendly.You can also check for site .It is full SEO friendly So follow below steps to make it friendly..

Render blocking Javascripts and CSS

All script files must be loaded Async. To load script files async use the following syntax.  increase Blog load Time​

<script src="LOCATION OF THE SCRIPT FILE" type="text/javascript" async></script>


Remove wrench 

Wrench  is loaded whenever a item page is requested. It might have been hidden using CSS styles when you view the webpage.Remove below  2 lines in blogger template to increase blog load time

<b:include name='quickedit'/>
<b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/>


It is considered as permanent redirect which does not affect SEO as it passes your blog rank juice to your new website. without being destroyed.It is not considered as bad SEO .

We generally see 301 redirect live example when we enter  blog url and redirect to a site.

302 redirect-

It is considered as bad SEO because it does not passes your blog rank or juice to your new website. 302 redirect must be avoid because it tells the search  engine that you switch your content to a temporary site and you can reverse the things whenever you want.This make search engine not to pass your juice as you can come to previous domain at any time.

We can also set custom redirect in blogger 301 and 302 both which i already describes in my previous posts.  

Remove useless meta tags leading to page .Slow performance of your blog.Google and yahoo judge website on their PR.Slow loading of blog or website lead to decrease in visitor  and overall PR decrease.  

so i discussed all the points and soon cover next 4 times in my next post .Stay tuned!!!
10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time ! Now solved

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