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How to got adsense approval for blog in 2016

How to get adsense approval for the blog in 2016.Google really declare that adsense approve required blog to be at least six months in india and china.Even I got approval after 2 months of hard strugggle and many failures

How to get adsense approval by the blogger

.We all know google adsense is  the dream of 90% of the bloggers.But you know that  only 23% of bloggers  got sucess I also have one google adsense approval account.But I do not prefer to  display ads on my  blog due to put off readers.As  it is my personal thought that people think that we write for money .My Blog is not very famous in blogosphere But still I am doing my every single effort to gain more traffic by display various high quality posts. and quest posts

How to got adsense approval for blog in 2016

Why To gain adsense first and then post quality topics.

Google really declare that adsense approve required blog to be at least six months in india and china.Even I got approval after 2 months of hard strugggle and many failures.Human being got sucesss only after trying hard and many failures.History is the proof ..My aim is to first gain adsense and then posts high quality posts. Because what is the use of a blog without adsense.Adsense is the lifeline of our blog .Because adsense provide better CPC ads than any other ad  networks.But there are also infolinks who provide similar ad network.

Prerequsite before applying to Adsense 

1)You blog must have at least 15 posts .
2)Blog should receive at least 20 page views per month .
3) Blog must be at least 6 months old ( exceptional cases you get in 2  or 3 months)
4)Great quality contents .
5)Posts minimum length 150-200 words.

 Follow our guide on how to decrease blog bounce rate,how to add meta tags in blogger.Blogger doesnot include meta tags on its template.But Google and other search engine uses meta tag to crawl keywords from your blog .Google adsense have very strict rules and it is impossible to  got adsense approval in these strict regulations.Google can even block your account .Because they are using panda filtration which  crawl to our sites and see if any illegal content,or copyright is violated.If a rule is break your will be blocked from further posting.

My Personal Experience

Today i am going to share my personal experience with you i started blogging in 2012 .But at that time I am unaware of blogosphere.I even dont know how to implement adsense ads and do posting on bloggerr.How to interact with users.and how to make our own blog.I started my studying for HTML,CSS and javascript at that time and now i know about them very well .  i was guided by many pro blogger I created many unsuccessfull blog like, an other 2 blogs which name i don't remeber. I got unsucessful t my firat ,second,and third attepmt.

Now I started my new blog ProLavish which i created with honesty,and full dedication.Did your know bout my first 4 blogs failure i post copyrighted  information from other people.But when I realise Then i started to make my this blog with dedication.Now I receive Huge traffic on my blog.Now I am currently doing blogging and side by side c++ and other languages.Knowledge never came until we do effort.We have t work to gain knowledge.Knowledge is available everywhere on the web,books, newspapers,tv and other soical media .We have to put our effort on the right track

Inspired By

ShoutMeLoud really inspire  me to start a blog,I discuss him about the pros and cons.Read this article by full dedication .I really want to thanks who post  also encourages me.Now  i am getting great quality links from well know bloggers.I hope you will also inspired by me.I hope!!


I also told you my dear friends not to use copyrighted data on your blog.Because you get only few visitor if you publish copyrighted post.I am telling you the secret behind the success of blogs.We have to dedicate only 2 hours of a day on writing and what we get in reply is $20 or $100 per month   depending on our quality content.I hope all of you inspire with me as i also inspire by known  bloggers of this blogosphere.

If my words are hurted to anybody please feel to comment i will remove  about it   or my lines.thanks For understanding

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