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Blogger vs disqus comment system

There is always a fight b/w both commenting system .Both are good in their own function .But still many people use old blogger commenting system

There is always  a fight b/w both commenting system .Both are good in their own function .But still many people use old blogger commenting system

Blogger vs  disqus comment system


It is pre included in every blogger template and has 3 types -

1)Embeded comment

2)Full screen comment

3)Pop up comment

1) Embeded comment system-

It is the most  recommend  comment system out of 3.It is used by 60 % blogger commenting fans.It is auto adjust to below your posts and have a box to take comment and displays all previous example.It avoid the usage of full screen comment system.It is also  SEO friendly comment system

2)Full screen comment system-

As the names describes it work .It is open into a new window where it display all previous comment.It is generally bad for  user experince as users have to click to view any comment or do comment.It is little bit frustating.

3) Popup comment system-

Its name also describes its function.Whenever any user click it opens a popup window showing you the comments and asking for comment.It is also not recommended as users will always avoid to click to see comments.

Disqus Comment system

It is a private company who gives te opportunity for the user to add a beautiful professional looked comment system on their blogs or even websites.Many bog users also recommended to use disqus and also use them so that user trust on them


 It provides a separate space to view delete or managed comments.
But still is not considered good because of SEO .As robots did not crawl these comment.

People don't want to make a account for a single comment on a topic. They avoided it.and leads to decrease in blog rank.

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