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Benefits Of Custom Domain |Blog

Today,we will discuss how custom domain is preffered   our subdomain like are 60% bloggers who are using subdomain.

Today,we will discuss how custom domain is preffered   our subdomain like are 60% bloggers who are using subdomain. The main aim of their is to start understand concepts of a website ,blog and use it as training material,but some are quite serious,others use  for their passion.But many could not get domain due to shortage of money,

Benefits Of Custom Domain |Blog

Free blog by Blogspot 

I really want to appreciate the effort blogspot to give the users a way to express their talents,feeling,passion at a free of cost which is the best part .But did your every notice that custom domain is given priority by everyone .Even the search engines display custom domain sites first .

What is Custom Domain ?

all short domains like .tk,.com,.net,.ag, .gov and rest other are referred to as custom domain .They are not free domains.A user had to pay a monthly or yearly fixed price set by the company  .Let the domain is buy for 1 year  at  cost is $4 or $5 .Then the user have to pay this amount to renew his domain otherwise his domain is transfered to others for buy.


Custom domains display data faster than subdomain. example is a search engine with custom domain whereas Our blog uses a subdomain which is

Indexed and crawling 

It s faster in case of custom domains.Domain name system is also faster for custom domain which lead to faster opening of website and faster crawling rate


I also recommended to use custom domain in blogger .As it is preffered by many successful bloggers and now they they are earning in $ daily.In nutshell we can say that custom is also a succes of a blog users.

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