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Achieve PR 2 For Blog Easily |Part 2

How bloggers make huge Profit?
by creating an E-book on bloggers commenting on others blog often a week.
by using google adsense and other ad network adsby making professional blog for someone .there are many live examples google on making a SEO and responsive template(if you have good knowledge about it.)
There are many responsive templates available online by many famous bloggers.One can also make a professional templates if he or she has good knowledge about bloggers various sub-topics

Welcome readers all of you all working hard to achieve high PR value.But wait are you fully prepared I don't think so , the following points you must take care in mind We previous  shared Part 1 of this tutorial.

How To Increase  Blog or Website PR Rank

For Part 2 See below post

1)Never write more than 3 posts a day.

Because it seems you are writing a  duplicate content on your blog.Many studies aven show that more than 50 % users write 5 to 6 posts a day.How  they do.I mean I take a 2 to 3 hours to write a single post.and they wite 5 to 6 posts a day.

It is clearly obviously that

a)They are making duplicate content.

b)They have enough time to post articles.

c)They are using paid articles.which i will soon discuss in my 2 next post.

d)They have more stock of posts.

e)They never spend time in blogging analytics,Adsense,Blog design,making it more friendly.

2)Never use  "_ " hyphens in post.

Recent survey shows that hyphen is not considered good for SEO .So ,I  also you only "-" symbol to connect two names.I   also recommend my blog followers to use "-".

3)Never add you site name in post title.

for example . I write a post about

How to make blog load faster in 10  steps. | Pro Lavish

above example clearly shows that my blog name ie Pro Lavish is visible .But above example is not SEO FRIENDLY.We have to avoid  using title after post title.Because Google usually shows trimmed title.Example above title is shows as  in Google search results.So,It is better to avoid using this blog title after post title.It can lead your blog in SEO danger if your don't follow my advice.

Now the question arises why?

It is simple in today era people don't have enough time to read.So google search engine cuts out title to make its engine friendly.

Have Questions?

If you need help with respect to any concept do post your comment below..We are happy to help you  

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