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10 SEO Mistakes Avoid in Blog

10 SEO Mistakes must Avoid in Blogger.Proper use of meta tags. Avoid using meta tag keywords.Slow performance of your blog.Google and yahoo judge website on their PR.Slow loading of blog or website lead to decrease in visitor

Welcome readers in our previous post we shared how to How To Increase  Blog or Website PR Rank ,10 SEO Mistakes  Avoid in Blog must avoid in bloggers .

10 SEO Mistakes  Avoid in Blog

1)Proper  use of meta tags.  

Remove useless meta tags leading to page .Slow performance of your blog.Google and yahoo judge website on their PR.Slow loading of blog or website lead to decrease in visitor  and overall PR decrease.

2)Avoid using meta tag keywords.

Google recently declared that keywords are no longer use as judgement of  blogs.But,even today 30 % of the  blog and website owners use keywords meta tags on their blog.

3)Increase in social media.

Recently social media is also used as SEO. We generally see many known blog have their share values in  2k or 4 k  which is very high.which also leads to increase in blog rank.

4)Avoid using redirect-

Google webmaster tools considered bad SEO  in redirection.For eg - many blog readers redirect their blog readers to  .com  from .in ,.ca  any others.But why redirect is bad.I am going to explain in you detail .

What are redirects?

Redirect means telling someone that our blog or website has shifted  to other name or other domain.


It is considered as permanent redirect which does not affect SEO as it passes your blog rank juice to your new website. without being destroyed.It is not considered as bad SEO .

We generally see 301 redirect live example when we enter  blog url and redirect to a site.

302 redirect-

It is considered as bad SEO because it does not passes your blog rank or juice to your new website. 302 redirect must be avoid because it tells the search  engine that you switch your content to a temporary site and you can reverse the things whenever you want.This make search engine not to pass your juice as you can come to previous domain at any time.

We can also set custom redirect in blogger 301 and 302 both which i already describes in my previous posts.

4)Always use a domain not subdomain

We generally see there are many websites who uses .com domain but in previous month or year they have also uses a subdomain like We can compare it with a car example.When we  are new to drive a car we prefer someone help or someone's car to practice driving on it  but as soon as we become trained we owned our own car from a company like  Indigo,I10,maruti suzuki. Similary there are many online domain providers. like Hostgator,Blue host,Blogger etc.

5)Be prepare to fight with your Competitors

In this blogsphere everyone wants to beat another but the winner will remain one  who work with hard,many struggles,various challenges,by sacrifices. In today era everyone wants to make quick money.But money remain in the hand who has the talent to generate it.

Lets us take a example from Reallife

A unknown blogger becomes popular in the blogsphere in just 1 or 2 month and earn handsome money just by copy paste from a reputed blog whose owner is working since for 4 years and does not god that success.But has many followers and likes.By this example we see that popularity and fame can be come in one or day by stole other person hard work.But talent never come by stolen.

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