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How to set custom redirects for blogger post

How to set custom redirects for blogger post

In our previous post we shared about how to  add google analytics code to blogger .But in this post we we
shared about Blogger Custom Redirects .We usually  make many changes, like posts being added or deleted. but  you  never  want people to  got 404 messages on your blog and then redirect them to a specific link.we shared about  Blogger Custom Redirects tool. in this post which help us to gain more seo and to avoid broken links in blogger.

How to set custom redirects  for blogger post

Blogger Custom Redirects

302 redirect

A 302 redirect means that page has moved temporarily.This redirect  will take the visitors to an appropriate location so that you aren't showing them a error page not found.It helps your user to know about your new page or url .

301 redirect

A 301 redirect means that a page has moved permanently to a new location. Use the 301 redirect when you deleted or changed the URL of your post. It generally uses while moving your domain to a custom domain.or to a new blog address

Steps for  Blogger Custom Redirects 

  • Login to you Blogger account .
  • Click on your blog .
  • Go to Settings > Search Preferences 
  • Then click "Edit" next to "Custom Redirects.

How to set custom redirects  for blogger

  • Enter the "old URL" in the "From" field, and "new URL" in the "To" field.
  • Click on "Save" link.

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