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Switch to https in blogger(Updated)

Switch to https in blogger

Welcome readers in our previous post we describe how your can increase your seo speed of your blog make it extremely fast
Today post is based on HTTPS as a ranking signal  for bloggers !!!

Quick introduction-

Which means any site or blog  can transfer his/her data from an insecure HTTP  connection to a secure HTTPS connection   Google has announced assigning free HTTPS on blogs hosted with the free '  ' extension.

Note- HTTPS does not  support for custom domains
What is the difference between HTTP   and HTTPS ?
The basic difference between the two in layman terms is that  now your blog URLS which begin with HTTPS are much secure for browsing and transaction purposes compared to websites having HTTP in the URL.
  • Now  URLs begin with "https://" 
  • HTTPS is encrypted and is  not vulnerable Hacker attacks

Should you Turn on HTTPS for your Blog?

Almost every site uses HTTPS today either in their checkout or registration pages or in side the Comment Login pages. Even all Blogger blogs does use HTTPS already in the comment form which sends data back-and-forth between the browser and Google servers.
our site also uses  HTTPS and it help in increase our site viewers and encrypted our data.

Have Questions?

If you need help with respect to any concept do post your comment below. 

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