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5 ways Make Blogger look like Website

1. Buy a custom domain name.

Instead of having your URL be, you can have your URL be a more professional You can buy a custom name either at a domain registration site or through Blogger (for $10 a year). 

2. Play with the advance layout options to customize the look of your site.

Blogger has a fair variety of templates for your site. They aren't as snazzy as Wordpress templates, especially the premium (paid ones), but they are fully customizable. Here are three easy things to do:
  • Add a custom header.   At the "Layout" page, click on the Header box and add your own custom header image.
  • Add a custom background.  Go to "Template," click "Customize," and pick a basic template to start. Click the "background" link to add a custom background. 
  • Add custom details.  Go to "Template," click "Customize," and start playing with all the details of each element of your blog. Here's an example of changing the various colors of links:

3. Add page tabs (About, FAQ).

Blogger lets you add up to 20 standalone static pages that show up under your header as tabs. Go to the "Pages" section to add and edit pages. 

4. Add a contact form

Once you've set up your Contact page, you can create a form for it, using Google Docs. 

5. Add social media icons

Blogger includes social media sharing buttons for each post, but doesn't have a good gadget to allow people to follow you on your social sites.

5 ways Make Blogger look like Website
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