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Make Blog Load Faster

We all know that  visitor attract on the site which loads faster.So follow below steps and make your blog load faster

Firstly check your page Performance by visiting  PageSpeed Insight tool.

Minify CSS/JavaScript

Minifying your CSS and JavaScript is just deleting the white spaces in your template.

CSS  not minified Version

#menu ul.menus li
   font:12px Arial;

CSS minified Version

#menu{ position:absolute;z-index:99; display:none;border:0;}#menu ul.menus li{ font:12px Arial; text-transform:none;}

JavaScript  not minified

var span = document.getElementsByTagName( ‘span’ )[0];
 span.innerText = ‘interactive’;  = ‘inline’;


JavaScript minified Version

var span = document.getElementsByTagName( ‘span’ )[0]; span.innerText = ‘interactive’;  = ‘inline’;
We can Minify both by using following sites:

  1.  csscompressor  (Recommended)
  2. minifyjs             (Recommended)

Optimizing Every Images

Images help to improve the appearance of  our blog, but we  know that  it can make our blog load slower
. So, we can optimize image size by use following:

  1.  tinypng 
  2. Compresspng

Using Async Attribute to Script Tag

All JavaScript is render blocking, but on the other hand JavaScript is fast to execute on any browsers.
Using external JavaScript file can take a lot of time before it will execute on a webpage.

External JavaScript file with Async attribute

<script src="" async="async"></script>

Removing Unused Text 

<!--  for lazy load  --> and /*-------Hello -----*/
We all know comments are very useful but it also decreases your visitor.
So if you remove unused text you will decrease the amount of bytes of your html.

Now again check your page Performance by visiting PageSpeed Insight tool.
I bet you get some diff in your speed score.If you feel difference comment below..

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